At Intuitive Collaboration, actuaries and software developers work together to create intuitively usable enterprise applications. These web applications enable secure and comprehensible collaboration within a company or between a company and its clients.

Risk modelling

Appropriate risk models help steer business operations. To this end, you need to be able to communicate your assumptions or program functions and the results of your analysis in a comprehensible way.

Design and implementation

Consider planning your next risk model with us! We attach great importance to transparency and compliance with auditing standards. We also provide high granularity, which ensures that individual components can stand alone and be expanded, replaced or combined as necessary. You will benefit from our wealth of experience and our extensive network.


Tests are essential for specification and help all involved parties to better understand the specification. Models can change due to your business evolving or new regulations being introduced. Thanks to a large set of tests that is automatically run, you can adapt already existing models quickly and securely without any loss of quality.


We are developing an enterprise risk modelling platform named PillarOne.RiskAnalytics in collaboration with our clients and partners. The plug-in architecture and the GPLv3 licence that we have implemented allow us to use already published components and models, expand them where needed and integrate PillarOne into existing IT infrastructures.

Collaboration tools

Good collaboration tools allow different parties to exchange knowledge and track the current progress of a project at all times.

Constant flow of information

Web applications are fully automated to always display the current project status and the most recent reports. Instead of waiting for final results, you can see all results that have already been achieved. This means that you can take decisions in due time, clarify misunderstandings and prevent unwelcome surprises in a project's final phase.
We would be happy to help you evaluate and introduce web applications that suit your needs.

Project management

Each project is managed via a ticket system that all parties involved in the project can view and edit. This system allows splitting tasks, allocating them and arranging them into groups as necessary.
Thanks to different views, each user can easily access the information that is relevant to their role in the project.

In-house development

In addition to installing, configuring and expanding existing solutions, we also develop custom-made solutions. We specialise in data modelling, the migration of data models, step-by-step processes involving several different parties and visualising large amounts of data. All of our solutions are compliant with auditing standards.

Open source

Open source provides the transparency and security that you need, allowing you to expand and modify it freely. Thus, open source is far more than accessible source code: it stands for a fundamentally open-minded attitude.

Public source code

Today, open and consequently transparent solutions exist for many problems. This means that we can work together with different companies and developers, profiting from their expertise and bringing in our own.

Solid foundation

We want to purposely apply our expertise instead of reinventing the wheel over and over. To this end, we make use of existing fully developed code libraries while focusing on the solution you need and implementing it as quickly as possible.

Expand and integrate

Open-source code can be expanded and integrated into existing software solutions in different ways. Instead of erecting unnecessary barriers, we make it possible for different suppliers to work together.

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